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Hundreds of companies want to build your website for you.  Most of them are there for themselves, not you.  We aren’t here to sell you a website, a new Facebook page or to tell you how important your social media marketing is to you. We help you with our expertise in design, usability, and years of experience in what works in online marketing and what doesn’t.

We can help you control your message, your brand, and your customer’s first impression. How you are perceived and the opinions of your customers are most often formed before they ever pick up the phone to call you or visit your place of business. They are searching the internet and finding out all about your business.  You can control this message they are getting. Small businesses often overlook or don’t realize the impact a strong online presence can bring to them.  We want to give you the resources to know what you are missing or how your current presence can be improved.

We are here to find out what your needs are and you know your business, not us.  We want to discuss options with you, possibilities, and give you enough information to make a decision for yourself.  Each project we undertake is custom built working closely in conjunction with you the customer.

Putting together a high quality online presence utilizing social media tools and presenting a complete themed package that communicates your message is what we deliver.

Common Questions/Concerns

We can’t afford to make this investment right now. You can’t afford not to make this investment.   A consultation on your needs is free.  Call or e-mail our sales representative and get the information you need to make a decision!

The economy is bad – we’ll wait until it gets better. This is an option – but entrepreneurs are always expanding and the world is moving forward.  The new market for sales and for marketing is online.  You want to reach your customers?  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – this is where they are.

What are the ongoing costs? Our pricing structure does not include continuing monthly costs. We build websites on a Content Management System which allows us to easily educate our clients about updating and maintaining it so there is no need to pay us an ongoing fee to keep it up to date.

All of our fees are up front with 50% due on contract signing and 50% upon project completion. The only ongoing costs to you would be basic hosting and a domain name which starts at around $10 per month.

SEO Digital Marketing

Back in the old days (like childhood), being found was not a good thing. It involved the game of “Hide and Seek” and required finding imaginative hiding places that would confound your fellow gamers. Today, the game has turned into “Find Me, Find Me, Pleeeeease” or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s a lot harder to play and not nearly as much fun — until you get found, that is.

I was optimistic the day I hired a team of certified Google consultant from SEO Singapore Services  to build and maintain SEO for my company website. Their first step was to research the top search terms for my type of B2B marketing service business. When they sent me the list they had found, my response was “yikes.” It wasn’t anything like the keyword ideas I had sent them initially.

Who knew that people could conduct strange searches, use such off-the-wall wording, or have completely forgetton how to spell?

So how can a B2B marketing team put these strange, convoluted keyword phrases into the language on their website copy without looking uneducated or downright sloppy?

Add Connective Words

Fortunately, it’s my understanding that Google and other search platforms ignore small words. So adding the words “in”, “to” or “the” inside a search term should not diminish its effectiveness and can turn an awkward phrase into something that can be placed comfortably into a sentence.

For example, a search term such as “sales training San Diego” can be more easily placed in a sentence by changing it to “sales training in San Diego.”

Hiding awkward SEO phrases

Awkward phrases may be just fine for searching but they’re a bit of a nightmare in marketing messaging if the company wants to appear to have any brains. Sometimes, however, awkward SEO phrases can be bunched together in a less prominent paragraph and not appear to be quite so out of place:

“Whether you’re looking for donations direct mail political, a direct mail sample political campaign, political direct mail portfolio samples, donations direct mail political, or campaigns direct mail political — ABC agency has the experience and success you can count on.”

If a B2B marketer’s business includes keywords that are commonly misspelled and generate traffic, it’s important to include those in the site text as well. Fortunately, Google helps reduce the number of searches using misspellings with their familiar “Did you mean ______” generator. However, this does not correct 100% of the searches.

Many companies add “footnotes” or blocks of copy under the call to action on a web page that incorporate misspelled words. They can first be presented spelled as the searcher might spell it, then correctly in parentheses afterwards as in this example:

“ABC Company is your best resource for interim buisness (business) managers . . .”

Maximizing SEO positioning does require longer copy on a page. But if the main points are highlighted in subtitles and communicated early in the copy, B2B marketers can help deliver effective communication and successful SEO.

Signal Movie SEO & Marketing Experts

We offer our clients a business-centric suit of marketing solutions which will firmly establish you as the leaders.

We are focused on helping small medium sized businesses, community groups and government entities to effectively market yourselves and leverage the power of online presence and marketing skills.  While most marketing agencies focus on the big clients, our Signal Movie marketing experts are focused on how we can effectively help our clients, no matter their size.  It is our vision and belief that effective help will be rewarded with our clients’ success and lead to our own success.  Our success and value is based in yours.

Signal Movie can help you control your image through effective marketing and campaigns that work.  When we work with a client on a campaign, we keep the client in control.   With every campaign we establish metrics that the client can measure and see the results of.  We believe dollars should not be spent without having an established method of controlling the results, so we empower our clients to do this.

Communicating your message to your clients is your goal.  You want them to choose your business over your competitor’s, you want them to be informed, you want them to think well of you – we can help you in all these areas.

We are a results oriented company that will help you spend your advertising/marketing dollars smarter and better communicate your message, driving your business to success.

Why Our Service is Unique?

  • Market Researched Domain
  • Employee Admin User & E-mail Setup
  • Easy Content Management
  • Unlimited Customer Service
  • 14 Day Turnaround
  • Automatic Mobile Device Friendly Style
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Supports all Major Browsers
  • Built-in Contact Page
  • Business Map & Directions

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SEO vs. Social Media

Search engine optimization is a way of getting your website visible through search engine ranking by getting more traffic. What is marketing through social media? It is creating product content, and promoting it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. The social media network connects, build followers, and get traffic for the content.

SEO deals with marketing your content, informing, entertaining, and enticing the target audience whereas social media is about promoting the content to the audience. Our  SEO expert ensures your ranking on the search engine is improved. We are going to look at their differences below:

1. Content

In social media content stirs response that is full of emotions like anger, awe, and anxiety. In SEO, the content is research-based and performs quite well with detailed information that answers commonly asked questions.


In social media, it is quite visuals and most people respond to posted images. You can generate more than average like on Facebook or Twitter to the tune 53% and more likes. In SEO, content with long texts up to 1500 words is well viewed and read as the audience is looking for more detailed information.

3. Audience

Social media target the audience on who they are while SEO target on the thoughts of its audience.

4. Speed

Social media following takes time but when posts appear, responses take place within a few minutes. In SEO, it’s quite uncertain as it can take days to start getting a ranking. Building enough credibility in SEO can therefore take years but its long term.

5. Conversion rate

Social media promotion is fast because of sharing and spreading awareness and fans can influence potential customers. SEO audience who visit your site are likely to buy but don’t share or interact. They’re specific with their needs and purpose for the site visit.

6. Durability

Social media has short-lived actions and results last for a few minutes and needs a lot of effort to keep going. SEO is long-term as once it starts working, the traffic can continue generating sales. High rankings can stay for weeks and months.

7. Metrics

Metrics for engaging (likes, comments, and share) are quite visible, though reporting of social media traffic is difficult. SEO visibility and traffic are quite easy to report but engaging is harder to measure as the keyword data is no longer provided on the page.

8. Interdependence

Visibility in Social media drive comments, follows, and shares. It is also good at ranking users’ social profiles in brands and names. SEO rankings and links come as a result of relationships. Skills like list building, pitching, and outreach are very vital to an SEO expert.

In summation, social media is good in compelling visuals, triggering emotions, but readers may get too familiar and get bored. In SEO, work is in long text format, questions are answered, expectations are met, and the audience is busy. Both social media and SEO connect people and they benefit from data and research. They originate from different areas but connect in the same place.

Is SEO Still Relevant or Dead?

Search engine optimization is not dead and will not die any time soon as the internet continues to exists and improve. SEO techniques have been refined and diversified to help increase your website content visible on the search engine. The ranking of your site is improved organically by using the best SEO strategies. However, it’s wise to advance with technology and avoid using old tactics for ranking and get to learn the latest SEO skills. SEO services have the best digital marketing strategies whose results are long term.

According to SEO Singapore Services, one of the best SEO agencies in Singapore, search optimization marketing is highly relevant and important for businesses ranging from startup to small-medium as well as eCommerce sites to large enterprise in the following ways:

1. For your website to be seen organically, you must prioritize your investment in eCommerce SEO marketing. Research shows that 70.6% of SEO begins with Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, or Google search. This is the most used SEO Companies that internet users visit for product search.

2. SEO is one of the digital marketing ways that continue to pay for a long period. For instance, with a very good blog of 20 Best hairstyles in Texas ranking for the right keywords, the traffic increases with time, and traffic is sent back to your website.

3. For small e-commerce enterprises without resources for robust SEO strategies, it’s good to narrow down what’s important to your customers and be focused on the main elements.

4. SEO is relevant and important for all businesses as it keeps your search results fair in that, the more traffic and clicks generated on your sites the higher the results. Your experience is transformed and most likely your customers will keep coming back.

5. In SEO for eCommerce, the market place is widely expanded locally and internationally. The costs of transactions, product distribution, and paperwork is reduced. This leads to consumer empowerment.

Key SEO Strategy & Techniques For 2020

1. Using site links

2. Target your keywords with high commercial intent.

3. Improve the speed of loading your website.

4. Use keywords that rank on topic and statistics.

5. Using concepts visuals.

Outdated SEO tactics To Avoid

1. Avoid buying links.

2. Misusing keywords.

3. The spinning of articles.

4. Using bad content with stuffed keywords

SEO is still very relevant and not dead and many website owners are still using it as it is quite effective in making their products visible. It is good for all small businesses in Singapore to continue using SEO for generating web traffic.

As long as the internet continues to be there SEO will continue to advance as the best means of digital marketing. Our SEO agency offers top quality service to help our customers as this is our area of expertise.

As a business owner,  whether you are running an eCommerce site targeting Singapore customers, you should engage a reliable Singapore eCommerce SEO agency to help you optimise your product pages so that they are highly visible on the first page of Google organic search results. 

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